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The Assessment Tab is not enabled in the KB Admin Tools for groups that do not have any existing quiz/survey questions. If your group would like to use the Assessment Tab features, reach out to to have the tab activated.

The Assessment tab allows you to deliver simple, multiple-choice quizzes, surveys and reviews to trainees or students who have access to your Internal KB Site. These Assessments are primarily intended to assess knowledge prior to classes or exams. Those with access to the Users tab will need to authorize themselves and others for the Assessment tab before you can use it.

Three Modes of Assessment

  • Quizzes (scored)

  • Surveys (no correct answers)

  • Review Q&A (both questions and answers)

Options in the Assessment Function

  • to specify KB docs relevant to quiz/survey/review modules

  • to allow anonymous submissions

  • to specify max. number of questions per quiz/survey/review

  • to specify whether questions can be repeated among takes

  • to specify allowed attempts per quiz/survey/review

  • to specify whether to show correct answers for quiz/review

  • to specify activation/expiration/status for quiz/survey/review

  • tie questions to relevant KB docs ("SeeAlso" style)

  • to create questions/edit/search etc.

  • to view instant feedback for users taking quiz/survey

  • to view real-time reporting on quiz/survey/ results on demand

  • to view reports on User, IP, TimeStamp, TimeSpent, Number of Questions/Correct/Wrong, Score

  • to View frequency tally (bar graph with actual numbers)

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