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KB User's Guide - General Info - Overview of Roles and Responsibilities

This document outlines some of the standard roles and associated responsibilities that exist within the area of KB management and administration. Please note that these roles are intended to act as a reference only; depending on the way in which you intend to manage your site, certain roles may not exist, may be shared between multiple individuals, or may be merged for a single individual.
  • KB Content Manager - Responsible for KB content throughout the document lifecycle. This includes document creation, review prior to publishing, document activation, and upkeep. They would also be responsible for the intake, review, and response to KB feedback. Additionally, they would likely assume the responsibility of directly managing topics, often in collaboration with the KB Administrator and the KB Functional Lead.
  • KB Technical Lead - Responsible for directly managing the development of unique KB site features. This would include working directly in HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript to create advanced web elements that enhance documentation or site modules. This role would also be responsible for making any necessary CSS customizations to your site layout.
  • KB Functional Lead - Responsible for the general operations of the KB space. This would include creating and modifying document workflows, directing the review of expiring and aging documentation, overseeing training for new authors, and delegating individual responsibilities to group authors. This role works closely with the KB Content Manager and the KB Group Manager.
  • KB Group Manager - Responsible for managing the users authorized for your space. This would include adding new users, setting/updating user access rights, creating and maintaining any User Access Groups and/or Limited Access Groups, creating Group Authorization rules, and removing users when necessary. When removing users who owned documentation, they would also likely work with the KB functional Lead and/or Content Manager to ensure that documentation gets transferred to another appropriate owner. This person may also be responsible for maintaining certain group relationships, in particular, shared internal KB access with other KB spaces.
  • KB Administrator - Responsible for overseeing and directing the roles of KB Technical Lead and Group Manager. This role would make any needed executive decisions about the site layout (in terms of both visual and categorical structure) and group management. This person would also work closely with the KB Manager to coordinate any large-scale, potentially high-impact changes to the KB space and its content.
  • KB Manager - Responsible for overseeing and directing the roles of the KB Content Manger, Functional Lead, and Group Manager. This role would ensure that operations supports the effective management of content and users, settle any conflicts regarding workflow and access rights, and verify appropriate document site access within individual spaces and when sharing with other groups. Also works closely with the KB Administrator to promote coordination between technical and functional management.

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