KB User's Guide - Home Tab - My Profile

The My Profile screen allows you to change personal information in your user profile. From this page, you can also adjust how you interact with the KB by adjusting your default KB group , default tab and the editor mode selection that best suits your needs.

My Profile Link

The My Profile link is the second link in the left navigation bar. Clicking on the this link will lead you to the My Profile screen.

KB Admin Tools > Home Tab > My Profile link

Image of the "My Profile" link in the KB Admin Tools secondary navigation

My Profile Panel

Upon clicking on this link, a panel with a number of fields will appear.

Image of the My Profile page


  • Current group - Displays the KB group you are currently in. This field is not editable.
  • Default group - Defaults to the KB group you in which you are initially set up in the KB System. You may select another KB group to which to default from the dropdown box, if you have the appropriate permissions.
  • Default tab - This selection defaults to the Home tab. You may select another tab to which to default from the dropdown box, with the appropriate permissions.
  • Doc tab default - This selection defaults to in Review docs. Your options are: New Doc, Active docs, In Review docs, In Progress docs, Expired docs, Expiring docs and Aging docs.

User Account Information

  • UserID -  is made up of your netID and domain name suffix. This field is not editable.
  • Add/change/remove profile photo link - Upload a photo of yourself so colleagues can match a face with a name. This document will provide more details on when and where this image will be displayed, KB User's Guide - Home Tab - Upload Profile Photo
  • First name - Enter your first name here.
  • Middle name - Enter your middle name here.
  • Last name - Enter your last name here.
  • Email - Enter your email address here.
  • Phone - Enter your phone number here.
  • Password - Set/reset local password here.

Editor Preferences

  • Editor mode - For groups with multiple editors enabled, you may choose which editor is set as your default. Please note that the TinyMCE editor will eventually replace the original Classic and Froala editors.
    • WYSIWYG Design mode (default) + HTML Source mode - The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Design mode is defaulted and you also have the option to switch to HTML.
    • WYSIWYG Design ONLY - The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Design mode is the only editor mode option.
    • HTML with Quick Code buttons (default)+WYSIWYG Design mode - This mode is defaulted and you also have the option to switch to What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Design mode.
    • HTML ONLY with Quick Code Buttons - Edit documents in HTML and use the quick code buttons displayed above the Body field.
    • HTML ONLY without Quick Code Buttons - Edit documents in HTML, know that there will be zero quick code buttons displayed above the Body field.
    • Froala editor as the default
    • New TinyMCE editor as the default


  • Form auto submit- This option defaults to yes. It may be disabled so those who use a screen reader when using the KB may have improved accessibility.
  • Subject areas - This space allows you to list your areas of expertise and share with other authors.

Searching by Subject Area in the Users Tab

With the appropriate permissions, you may search for people by subject area.

KB Admin Tools > Users Tab > Defaults to open "Existing Users: Active Users" screen > Find field (circled in image below).

Image of the search field on the Users page

In the example below, we have entered the subject area "geology" in the Find field and clicked on the Go button. The search yields the name(s) of those who have entered "geology" in the subject area section of their profile. To see the contact information (e.g. email and phone number) of that person, click on the More link on the far right of that row .

Image showing that a user result was returned by searching the term "geology", which was entered in that user's subject area field

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