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The Tester Role allows a user permissions to test features that are in beta. Read below how to enable and activate the Tester Role.

    What is the Tester Role?

    Users with the Tester role will be able to test beta features that are released in the KB Admin Tools. This way, group admins can decide which of their users will see these features prior to them being released to all users.

    Testers should be aware that features that are in beta may not work as expected. Testers are encouraged to report any issues they encounter to the KB Team.

    New WYSIWYG Editor Beta

    Testers will have access to try our new WYSIWYG editor. They will be able to switch into the new editor when creating new docs, and they will also be able to edit certain existing docs. Because this editor is in beta, there will be certain limitations; for more information, please see: KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Missing and Disabled Features in the New Editor

    Additionally, users with the Tester role will see a sixth default editor option under Home > My Profile to enable the new editor as their default. If their Tester permission is later disabled, this option will disappear, and the selection will be restored to their previous default.

    Enable Tester Role for a New User

    Navigate to the KB Admin Tools > Users Tab > New User link > New User table with the User Attributes fields.

    The image below shows a detail of the User Attribute table with the Tester role highlighted in a red box. For an explanation of each attribute, please refer to KB User's Guide - Users Tab - Adding a User .

    Check the boxes indicating the exact permissions you want the new user to have. Be sure to check the Tester checkbox at the bottom of the table.

    Click on the Add User button to save your work.

    Activate the Tester Role

    Navigate to the KB Admin Tools > Home Tab > Profile link > Profile Options table.

    In the Editor Mode section of the Profile Options link, be sure to click on the New Editor radio button.

    The image below shows all six options available in Editor mode with the New Editor button enabled.

    Click on the Update button to save your work.

    Add Role of Tester to an Existing User

    As a KB Admin, you may go to the Users Tab > Existing Users link.

    Locate the name of the User and check the Tester checkbox.

    Click on the Update button to save your work.

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