KB User Group Meeting FAQ

Here are some questions that have been asked of the KB Team.

What is the KB User Group Meeting?

The KB User Group Meeting is our annual all-day gathering of KB admins and partners. Throughout the day, we'll discuss a broad range of topics in the hopes that we can share our experiences, knowledge, and learn from each other.

What types of sessions can I expect, and how does it differ from Monthly KB Advisory Group Meetings?

Where KB Advisory Group Meetings are focused on specific updates and changes that have been or are planned to be made to the KB, the KB User Group meeting focuses on high-level topics and discussions. Additionally, the KB User Group Meeting offers opportunities to engage with other KB admins to learn about what others are doing in their respective KB spaces.

We try to include a mix of formal presentations and discussions, with certain topics being targeted at all users of the KB, and others occurring in breakout sessions so that you can pick and choose which topics would be most beneficial to you. We also try to offer sessions that are more focused on technical information (e.g. using the KB APIs, advanced content development, etc.) alongside sessions that cover functional areas (e.g. content formatting best practices, outreach to end users, etc.).

We aim to touch on different topics from year-to-year, and we typically a specific agenda for the current year a few weeks in advance of the KB UGM. To get a sense of what might be covered, here is a list of high-level topics that have been covered in some way in the past and/or proposed for this year:

  • Formatting/organizing content within documents (e.g. working with templates, creating interactive content, embedding content, etc.)
  • Creating accessible and usable content
  • Organizing and grouping content across your KB site (e.g. categorizing, archiving, directing users to content groups, etc.)
  • Building your site layout (e.g. styling, links, custom content modules, etc.)
  • Spreading awareness of your KB site
  • Training new users
  • Analytics/metrics and reporting
  • Using the KB APIs to integrate the KB with other tools or websites
  • Updates on the KB Redesign

Is there a Registration Fee?

No, there is no Registration Fee, nor fees of any kind.

Will there be honoraria for travel, parking, speaking or lunching?

Unfortunately, no, we will not be granting honoraria or stipends for this event. This helps allow us to keep the event free to attend for all participants.

Our UW Affiliated hotels come highly recommended and have a UW guest rate.

Wisconsin Union Hotel (web site)
1308 West Dayton St., Madison, WI 53715
Phone:  (608) 263-2600
Be sure to mention that you attending a conference on campus to receive the UW guest rate.

What other hotels are in the area?

DoubleTree Madison (web site)
525 W. Johnson St., Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 1 (608) 251-5511 or 1 (800) 222-TREE

Fluno Center (web site)
601 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53715
Phone: (877) 773-5866 or (608) 441-7117

Hampton Inn & Suites (web site)
440 West Johnson St., Madison, WI 53703
Phone:  (608) 255-0360

HotelRED (web site)
1501 Monroe St., Madison, WI 53711
Phone: (608) 819-8228

Will there be any kind of campus tour available?

In past years, we have organized some kind of tour in the afternoon, however, we have decided to stop including this as part of the formal agenda due to difficulties accounting for weather and the comfort of all attendees (as it is often too hot and/or humid). If you are interested, there will likely be a 45-minute drop-in tour that starts at 1pm at Memorial Union, which you are welcome to attend if desired.

What is there to do around the Memorial Union?

For ideas of nearby places you could visit while on campus, please see this Google map of the meeting with surrounding notable landmarks.

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