L&S Major Declaration Information

The following section provides information on declaring a major in the College of Letters & Science for L&S undergraduate students.

All L&S undergraduate students must declare at least one (1) major by the time they have earned 86 credits in order to graduate.   Detailed information about declaring a major is located at:

How to Declare a Major in the College of Letters & Science

Declaring an additional major within L&S

Procedures for declaring or cancelling an L&S major, certificate or option

Information about L&S majors and special degree programs can be found at:

Majors, Certificates, and Concentration Programs

Declaring a major is an essential part of a student's academic career at UW-Madison and is very important for graduating in a timely manner.   Students are encouraged to declare a major as soon as possible once they have decided on their particular academic area of interest and have met the requirements for declaration.   Student must go to the individual department(s) in order to declare a major or special degree program (e.g., AMEP, JBA, JBS, BMUS, BSW, etc.). 
All L&S undergraduates must declare a major by the time they have at least 86 credits (senior standing).    Students with senior standing who already know what they wish to major in should go to the major advisor to declare the major as soon as possible.   Students who are still unsure of their major should speak with their undergraduate advisor(s) as soon as possible.  Additional information can be found at: 

Find my advisor

How to schedule an appointment with my advisor

Requirements that Apply to All Majors

Majors, Certificates, and Concentration Programs 

The College of Letters & Science Degrees

BA/BS Degree Requirements

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