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Policies and procedures related to building, renovations, space assignment, capital planning, parking, and the use of L&S facilities. 

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1L&S Instructional Laboratory Modernization and Research/Transformative Remodeling – Annual Call for Requests1318272024-02-12281
2Classroom Scheduling and Support213632024-02-122542
3What is the Instructional Laboratory Modernization (ILM) Program?218082024-02-123721
4What is the Capital Budget/Building Program?218092024-02-123041
5Naming a Building or Room191212024-02-127960
6What's involved in undertaking a remodeling project in L&S?218102024-02-125857
7Facility relocation assistance and temporary leased space213622024-02-122896
8L&S Facilities Administration213642024-02-123260
9Information for building/facility managers1319892024-02-08116
10Departmental Space Allocation213602024-02-055437
11Information on UW-Madison Employee Campus Safety218122024-01-084397
13L&S: Parking Alternatives214082022-09-265004
14L&S Parking Information214072022-09-266989

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