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Microsoft 365 (Outlook on the web | Outlook for Windows) - How to find messages that have been moved to your top-level folder

If you move messages to your top-level folder (denoted by in a Windows desktop client or your display name in Outlook on the web), they may be difficult or not intuitive to find. This document will provide instructions on how to find these messages.

Important: UW-Madison's Office 365 team does not recommend keeping mail messages in this top-level folder.

Outlook on the web

Due to recent Outlook on the web update, you no longer have access to your top-level folder - use Outlook for Windows steps outlined below to access your top level folder.

Outlook for Windows

In Outlook for Windows, your top-level folders will be denoted by your (eg. This top-level folder may also have an overlay, Outlook Today, which will block the view of messages that have been placed into this folder, making them more difficult to find.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Navigate to your mailbox. If it doesn't automatically open, click the Mail word or icon in the bottom-left corner of the application.
  3. Click your top-level folder, which will be denoted by your The messages will appear in this folder, unless Outlook Today is active.

    •  If Outlook Today is active, follow these steps to deactivate it so you can view the messages that are in this top-level folder:
      1. Right or alternate click your top-level folder, and select Data File Properties... This will open a new window.
      2. Click the Home Page tab.
      3. Uncheck the box next to "Show home page by default for this folder".
      4. Now, when you click your top-level folder, you'll see the messages that are in it.

If the above steps do not work, review Microsoft resource for additional options.

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