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Microsoft 365 (Outlook on the web) - Getting Started with People (Contacts)

In Outlook on the web, you use the People page to view, find, create, edit, and delete contacts. You can use your contacts for your own reference, and you can automatically add them as recipients when you compose an email message. You can also have instant access to see who someone is and how you know them, be able to quickly get content related to one of your contacts without leaving your current task, and hover over anyone's name in an email message or calendar item to show their contact card.

People is where your personal contacts are stored and where you can view any address books that have been set up for your organization. People is a way that Outlook on the web can help you get to the most important messages first. People works in the background to determine who you correspond with the most, and shows you how many unread messages you have from those people.

Note: If you are looking for information on different distribution groups UW-Madison currently offers, read here: Microsoft 365 - What are the differences between a Microsoft 365 Group, a Microsoft 365 Security Group, a Contact List, and a Google Group?.

Your first time viewing People

The first time you view People after you receive the new experience, you can choose a new view of People and pin that view so it's the first thing you see. You can change your pinned view at any time. You can choose from five default pinned views:

  • Frequently contacted - This view allows you to see recent emails and activities for the people you interact with the most.
  • On your calendar - Choose this view to see who you'll be meeting with and what types of things you'll be working on today.
  • Favorites - You can mark contacts as favorites, then choose this view to see their latest emails easily.
  • For follow-up - This view allows you to quickly see flagged items and messages where you've been @mentioned, along with unread messages from people you contact most often.
  • All contacts - This is the classic view, which shows all of your contacts in one place.

To pin a view, just choose the Pin this view button next to the view you prefer. You can also access each one of these views by choosing the view in the left pane under Featured people.

Using People in Outlook on the web

Once you've set up the view you want in People, you can use the following documentation to help get you started on working with contacts, contact lists, and contact folders:

For more information about using People to manage your contacts, read here: Using contacts (People) in Outlook on the web.

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