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CloudFax Migrations Starting July 27, 2020

Posted: 2020-06-08 12:50:16   Expiration: 2020-12-15 12:50:16

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2020-06-08 12:50:16. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

The following email notification was sent to CloudFax stakeholders on 06/08/2020.

CloudFax Stakeholder:


We are starting the process of migrating all remaining analog fax numbers on campus to the new CloudFax Service introduced in late 2019. Many fax numbers have now been migrated due to COVID-19 and the Bascom Utility Project. 


The project timeline has been updated due to the campus-wide COVID-19 response and we are working to migrate all analog fax numbers by the end of October 2020. In order to meet this deadline, we are offering two opportunities to migrate.


Option 1: Migrate on July 27, 2020

  • All campus fax numbers will migrate on July 27 unless we are contacted by the key user, IT / Engineer Contact, or migration partner identified for the fax number prior to June 18, 2020 to delay their migration.


Option 2: Migrate late September 2020

  • This will be the final opportunity to migrate your existing analog fax number to the new CloudFax service. 


What should I do? 

Review the campus fax number list and contact the CloudFax team if:

  1. You are unable to have your inbound fax number migrated on July 27, 2020.  You MUST contact the CloudFax Project Team prior to June 18th, 2020. Otherwise the fax number will be migrated.

  2. Your fax number is on the list and is no longer required.

  3. Your fax number is missing from the list.

  4. Contact names for the listed Key User, IT / Engineer Contact, or Migration Partner need to be updated.

Who is impacted by this change?

You will be affected if your fax number is listed in the campus fax number list. You will not be affected if your number is not listed.


Which fax numbers will be selected to migrate?

All fax numbers included in the Fax Number List will be migrated to CloudFax on July 27, 2020, unless you contact the CloudFax Project Team to opt-out of this date for migration.


How are inbound/outbound faxes affected?

  • Inbound faxes will arrive in the inbox of the service account associated with the fax number. Faxes will no longer print on fax devices.

  • Outbound faxes are sent as email attachments from their primary email account ending with the domain. Faxes can no longer be sent from fax devices.


How do I use the CloudFax service?


What is the cost to use the CloudFax service?


Please contact the CloudFax Project Team prior to Thursday, June 18th, if you have any questions or concerns about migrating a fax number(s).

Thank you,

UW-Madison CloudFax team

-- DoIT Help Desk: Christina Gomez