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Upgrade to Moodle version 2.4 complete

Posted: 10:40:08, Friday, Aug 23, 2013   Expiration: 10:40:08, Monday, Sep 30, 2013

The Moodle upgrade to version 2.4 is complete and now active for the fall semester. Open the news article for more details on the new version.

Some highlights of Moodle version 2.4 are support for:
  • Group assignments
  • "Blind" grading
  • Offline grading
  • Customizable "My Moodle" page
Plug-in Change Highlights
Much of Moodle's rich functionality comes from plug-ins.  Many of these plug-ins are developed by Moodle community members around the world.  Others are created by faculty members and written by developers right here at UW-Madison.  The UW-Moodle Service team is always on the lookout for  useful plug-ins that add to the growing list of teaching and learning tools in our Moodle installation.  Changes for fall include:
  • Adding PoodLL - support for audio and video recording in Moodle activities
  • Adding Quickmail - simple way to send email to your class members
  • Adding iClicker - support for the popular iClicker audience response system
  • Adding Case Scenario Builder - support for case-based learning
  • Removing NanoGong (replaced by PoodLL)
Feedback Manager
This fall we will be doing an upgrade project on the Feedback Manager plug-in which has been developed here at UW-Madison.  We plan to improve support for group work and streamline the user interface to further speed giving individualized feedback to students on short answer writing assignments.  Instructors involved in the upgrade project will need to have their courses on the "innovate" site, and instructors wanting to use the current (stable) version of Feedback manager should have their classes on the "courses" site.

More Details
For even more details about our changes for fall, please see KB #31748

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