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UPDATE: Moodle Intermittent Issues

Posted: 11:10:30, Thursday, Mar 13, 2014   Expiration: 21:15:14, Thursday, Mar 13, 2014

Update on the Moodle Outage

The cause of this outage is the server platform that Moodle is run within, not with the Moodle application itself.  The Moodle service team is doing everything they can and as fast as they can to resolve the issues on the servers.

You may find that the website will come up for a time and then go down again, this is because College of Engineering system administrators are working to resolve the issues.  When the issue is fully resolved we will let you know by:

Please accept our sincere apologies for the difficulties this problem may be causing you and your students.

Thank you,

UW-Madison Moodle Service Team

-- Moodle: John Hoopes

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