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UW-Madison Moodle Downtime on Sunday Morning

Posted: 13:32:45, Wednesday, Jun 3, 2015   Expiration: 13:32:45, Sunday, Jun 7, 2015

The UW-Moodle platform team will be making use of our regularly scheduled downtime between 6 and 10 AM on Sunday June 7. Not all servers will be down for the whole time, but service will be intermittent. If you experience problems, we suggest waiting until the end of the maintenance period.

We are adding more disk and RAM to our database servers to ensure that they will be reliable and able to handle the load for the upcoming 2015 - 16 academic year.  The servers will probably not be down for the whole time, but they may go down and come back up multiple times during this work.  We expect to have this work completed by the end of the service window at 10am, so if you experience problems after that, please let us know.

The UW-Madison Moodle uptime and service repair policies are documented in a Knowledge Base article KB47163.

Mike Litzkow
Service Coordinator
UW-Madison Moodle Service

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