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Upgrade to Moode "Special" Server on July 31

Posted: 07:33:41, Monday, Jul 25, 2016   Expiration: 07:33:41, Monday, Aug 1, 2016

The Moodle server used for non-credit and other non-timetable based courses will be upgraded to Moodle 3.0 during the morning of Sunday July 31

The production Moodle servers for timetable courses will be running Moodle 3.0 this fall.  To provide the same set of features, the "Special" (aka "Ongoing") server will get the same upgrade this Sunday morning (July 31).  This work will start at around 7:00 am and we hope it will be finished by 12 noon.  However, if we encounter difficulties, the upgrade could take longer.  Please plan accordingly.

While this upgrade from Moodle 2.9 to 3.0 appears to be a major one based on the version numbers, it is actually a more minor release which might have been named Moodle 2.10, except for the desire to avoid double-digit version numbers.  We don't expect this upgrade to cause problems for current users.

Mike Litzkow
UW-Madison Moodle Service Coordinator

-- Moodle: Michael Litzkow

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