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Moodle - Importing and Exporting Grades


UW-Madison has adopted Canvas as its single, centrally supported learning management system. As of 6/1/2018, support for Desire2Learn (D2L) and most Moodle courses has been discontinued. Access to those courses has permanently ended. However, certain Moodle courses that are part of the Adanced Quizzing Content Functional Gaps project are still available on Moodle. Those courses are located on the Moodle Extension site.

This document will explain how to perform Imports and Exports of grades.

Exporting Grades

1. First, access the gradebook by selecting the course you want to be in and clicking the Grades button under the "Course administration" section of the "Administration" block.

2. Click the Export button. This is under the Administration block in the "Grade administration" section. 

3. Click the desired export format under the drop down menu at the top of the page. For this tutorial, we will export the grades as an “Excel spreadsheet”. To do this, click Excel spreadsheet under the "Export" section of the menu.


4. On the next options page, select which grade items will be included on this export and the export format options

5. Once you have finished, click the Download button at the bottom of the page.

6. Your web browser will download the exported grades to a specified location on your local system.

7. If you would like to import these grades later, you must make sure to save the spreadsheet as a .csv file.

More information about these procedures can be found directly in Moodle Docs at either the Import Page or the Export Page.

Importing Grades

Before performing an import of grades, please make sure the spreadsheet that contains the grades is in the proper format.  Obtaining the correct formatting can be obtained by following the instructions found here.

1. First, access the gradebook by clicking the Grades link under "Course administration" in the "Administration" block. Note you must have the course you want to import grades open to do this.

2. Next, click the Import tab in the "Administration" block under "Grade administration".  Then select which type of file you would like to import (Either "CSV file" or "XML file").

3. Click the Choose a file... button and find and upload the desired file from your computer.

4. Next, choose the proper encoding setting from the “Encoding” drop-down menu. If you used Excel to create the CSV file, then the “WINDOWS-874′ encoding should work. Specify the number of rows to preview in the next step using the “Preview rows” drop-down menu. Check Force import if you would like all grades from the spreadsheet automatically imported.  Then, click the Upload grades button.


5. The next page will request identifiers to map the rows in the CSV file to the rows in your Moodle gradebook. If you created your CSV file as instructed in the introduction, choose ID number for both the the “Map from” and “Map to” drop-down menus.


6. In the “Grade item mappings” section, associate the column headers with their respective grade items using the drop-down menus. 

7. When finished, click the Upload grades button.

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