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UW-Madison has adopted Canvas as its single, centrally supported learning management system. As of 6/1/2018, support for Desire2Learn (D2L) and most Moodle courses has been discontinued. Access to those courses has permanently ended. However, certain Moodle courses that are part of the Adanced Quizzing Content Functional Gaps project are still available on Moodle. Those courses are located on the Moodle Extension site.

Feedback Manager is used to critique student’s work and give them more personal responses when grading questions on Moodle. This tutorial is used to explain the functionality of this plugin.

Locating Feedback Manager

  • Feedback Manager is used to critique student’s work and give them more personal responses when grading questions on Moodle.

  • To access this plugin, click the desired quiz and click the drop down arrow beside “Results” on the sidebar. Then click on “Feedback Manager”. This takes you to the “Assign feedback” page where feedback can be created in a variety of ways.

Results Feedback Manager

Assigning Feedback

  • The “Assign Feedback” page has a multitude of functionality including predefined feedback, individual feedback, and grading.

  • To create predefined feedback responses for a particular question, use the “New Feedback For This Question” block in which one types in the feedback as well as names it. After completing the automated response press enter and the feedback response pops up under the “This Question” tab and can now be assigned to students manually. Multiple predefined responses can be assigned to students but are not yet visible.

  • To assign a specific response click the icon next to the name of your feedback you desire and it will appear green on that certain response. None of this feedback is yet viewable on the student pages even if an assigned feedback response is chosen.

  • Individual comments can also been written under the designated column. A green check mark will soon pop up after clicking out of text box to confirm that the comment has been made. One can also assign grades to questions if already not automatically graded. 

Adding Filters
  • Filters are used in order to limit the amount of Student attempts displayed on the page. One can organize responses under certain categories to make responses in feedback manager easier to use.
  • To add a filter, select "Add Filter" in the Filters tab and select the desired filter from the drop down menu. Multiple filters can be added to a single question for feedback. To do so, repeat the process above until all filters needed are in effect.
Adding Feedback To Random Questions
  • Feedback Manager assigns feedback per question asked in a quiz. In order to assign feedback for a particular question, select the question name in the drop down menu underneath the "Question: " title. 
  • If a question is assigned as a "Random Question" in a quiz, the question name in the drop down menu will additionally label it as Random. When a random question is selected, it will assign feedback to that particular question no matter what the order was in the student's quiz. 

Releasing Feedback

  • In the top left corner of the assign feedback page, multiple tabs appear in order to complete and release your feedback. First and foremost, one needs to click “Send Feedback” in order for the students to view your feedback. To do a final review of how your feedback will appear, see the “View Report” tab.

  • The “View Report” tab will give you a summary of all the feedback that each student will see. If you do not see the feedback you desired your automatic response may be assigned but not selected to appear in which case return back to the “Assign Feedback” page and select the icon to make it appear. If an individual feedback is not appearing, make sure the green check mark is appearing next to the comment.

  •  Lastly to update grades entered into feedback manager, simply press update grades in the specified tab.

Feedback Report

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