MyUW Madison - Using the Advising Gateway

The Advising Gateway is a MyUW Madison Academic Application that allows advisors to search for students and access a plethora of information useful to the advising process.

Accessing the Application

Use the following instructions to access the Advising Gateway:

  1. Log into MyUW Madison.
  2. Launch the Advising Gateway.

    Advising Gateway app in MyUW

If the app is not already on the homepage, search for "Advising Gateway" and either launch the application or Add to Home.

Using the Application

Set preferred advising unit

First time users of the Advising Gateway will need to set their unit affiliation within the Advising Gateway Options menu. 

For instructions on selecting a unit, please see MyUW Madison - Advising Gateway - Set a Preferred Advising Unit.

Search for a student

The homepage of the Advising Gateway allows an advisor to search for students, view advisees, download an advisee email list, and access a list of recently accessed students.

Advising Gateway screenshot of 3 tabs. All Students, My Advisees, and Last Viewed

To get started, choose one of the available filters: "All Students", "My Advisees", or "Last Viewed".

Close up image of the All Students, My Advisees, and Last Viewed Tabs

The results will display below the filters.

Advising Gateway students results table

The Search for a student field can be used to search by first and/or last name, Campus ID, or e-mail address. 

Note: Using the "Search for a student" field will only show results that also match the selected filter.


View a Student's Information

After locating a student, click on the student's name to see more of their academic information.

Detail of link from student name to Student Profile (academic information) within the Advising Gateway

The student's Advising Gateway page will appear.

Detail of link from student name to Student Profile (academic information) within the Advising Gateway

The Alerts box in the upper right will display notable information not otherwise listed on the rest of the page.

Alerts box content in Advising Gateway

If there is more data to display, clicking one of the buttons across the middle of the page (Degree & Major, Certificates, Student group(s), and Advisor(s)) will expand the button to display the information.

Expanded view of Degree & major button content

Click on Student Record, Courses and GPA, and Quick Links to launch their corresponding external applications. Click on Advisor Notes to view a student's Advisor Notes directly in the Advising Gateway.

Student Record, Courses and GPA, Advisor Notes, and Quick Links links within the Advising Gateway

View a Student's Advisor Notes

Note: Authorization to Advisor Notes is separate from authorization to the Advising Gateway. Users looking to be authorized for the apps should contact Jeff Shokler -

Note: Some users have reported formatting issues after pasting content from other applications (specifically Microsoft Word or Outlook) into an Advisor Note. If quotation marks aren't displaying properly, it may be necessary to disable "smart quotes" in Office.

Click on Advisor Notes to view a student's Advisor Notes.

Count and link to view Advisor Notes within the Advising Gateway

Click Compose Note to enter a new note for the student. Click anywhere on the line for an individual note to view its contents.

List of student Advisor Notes, links to view notes, and link to Compose Note within the Advising Gateway

In a given note you can Edit or Delete its contents. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to other notes (you can also click Back to list).

Advisor Note window displaying the read view of an advisor note. Navigation buttons and Edit and Delete buttons are highlighted

Run into any issues? Contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

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