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Nelson Administrative Services Team

This document contains contact information for members of the Nelson Institute's administrative services team.

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Jenna Weidner, Associate Dean for Administration

  • Administrative services
  • Administrative Transformation Program (ATP)
  • Research and sponsored programs
  • Space management

Colleen Godfriaux, Interim Director of Budget and Finance

Christy Davidson, Research Administrator

  • Christy provides full life-cycle grant management services and support to PIs across the Nelson Institute

Laurel Fletcher, Business Manager

  • Administration and Human Resources liaison for:
    • Center for Climatic Research
    • Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment

Jill Folkerts, Business Services Manager

  • Nelson divisional representative and lead coordinator for business services such as purchasing, travel, and scholarship processing
  • Administrative services lead for the academic programs office

Martina Gross, Research Administration Manager

  • Manages Nelson’s research administration operations, supporting and supervising the research administrators in addition to providing support to some PIs. 

Robin Higgins, Business Manager

  • Purchasing and administration for:
    • Advancement and Donor Relations
    • Center for Culture, History, and the Environment
    • Center for Ecology and the Environment
    • Dean's Office
    • Office of Environmental Justice
    • Office of Sustainability
    • Professional Programs
    • Strategic Communications

Lisa Kelly, Research Administrator 

  • Lisa provides full life-cycle grant management services and support to PIs across the Nelson Institute.

Elizabeth Runde, Research Administrator

  • Elizabeth provides full life-cycle grant management services and support to PIs across the Nelson Institute.

 Kate Wodyn, Committee & Project Coordinator

  • Committee support (Governance, Executive, Academic Planning Council, WIN)
  • Some project management responsibilities

Karyle Wolff, HR Manager

Pre-award/proposal contact

Please continue to direct all proposal requests that go through Nelson (Science Hall, SAGE, and CCR) to Martina Gross as soon as possible.

Science Hall main contacts

Jill Folkerts will remain the main contact for Science Hall unit PI post-award (on projects ending in 2022), all non-sponsored post-award, and HR liaison with ASU (personnel salary/title changes/new appointments and visas).

Robin Higgins will continue to be the main contact all Science Hall unit travel, purchasing and meeting coordination, except for academic programs, which will continue to be Jill Folkerts.

Tino Kaltsas is the main point of contact for Science Hall IT support. To request support, email the helpdesk at or go the helpdesk website 

SAGE and CCR main contacts

Martina Gross will remain the main contact for Tracey Holloway, Holly Gibbs, Tyler Lark, and the SAGE/CCR non-sponsored accounts and payroll/effort.­­­

Lisa Kelly is the main post-award contact for all other SAGE sponsored awards: Barford, Burivalova, Edwards, Nemet, Naughton, Adrian Treves, Jonathan Patz, Chris Kucharik, Annemarie Schneider, Mutlu Ozdogan, Grace Bulltail.  *NEW PIs w/active 133/144 grants going into 2023: Paul Zedler (& Craig Meier), Andrea Hicks (& Rob Beattie), Sarah Graves, Jessie Conaway *NEW PIs with possible new 133/144 grants: Paul Robbins, Anna Gade, Liz Hennessey, Lea Horowitz, Monica White

Elizabeth Runde will be the main post-award contact for CCR sponsored awards: Block, Goring, He, Lorenz, Notaro, Vavrus, Wang, Williams, Yafang Zhong, Ankur Desai, Sara Hotchkiss, Stephanie Henderson, Elizabeth Maroon, Tristan L’ecuyer, Dan Wright.  *NEW PI: Becky Larson

Laurel Fletcher continues as the SAGE and CCR HR liaison with ASU (personnel salary/title changes/new appointments and visas), departmental concerns (building issues, phones, keys, etc.) and will continue to assist with travel/purchasing/meeting coordination. 

Kevin Braun is the main point of contact for SAGE/CCR IT support.