FIDO: Network Monitoring Tool

FIDO: Network Monitoring Tool

FIDO is a homegrown perl based monitoring system created to monitor various aspects of a network. While started as an ICMP monitoring tool intended to replace the ICMP monitoring provided by ROVER on the legacy machine MIL, today it is a centralized reporting and commenting agent that responds to data provided by various testing modules. There are currently modules written to test v4/v6 ICMP, snmp polling and DNS. Test modules periodically write data that is read by the FIDO server which in turn creates a combined report file that is presented to the user via the web.

Basic information

FIDO: Installation Specific Information

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Web interface info

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Developer/maintainer info

FIDO: File Formats
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FIDO: RRD writing
FIDO: Comment persistence

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Operator info

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Running FIDO

The daemon is controlled with /etc/init.d/ scripts. There is a script called /usr/local/fido/etc/init.d/all_fido_tests that describes all the currently registered tests. It is not necessary to start all components individually but some of the tests do share related data.


Fido is setup to use syslog to log. You can use the web client to see the logs or look at the raw files, too, if you have the necessary access to the host.

Status Reports

FIDO information is updated via root cron. The update runs Monday through Friday at 8 AM and is proceeded by a restart of the entire software package. An email is sent as part of this process that lists changes to the list of items being monitored. You can manually run these programs if you need to update the CMS generated files in the middle of the day. You can also run individual update components and update individual daemons if you understand the dependencies of these daemons.

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