Ethernet Media Standards and Distances

Reference chart for common ethernet media types. Most of the distances listed are average. Quality fiber and quality vendor optics can typically perform better. This chart is not an exclusive list, and is notably missing WAN PHY and special CWDM and DWDM optics now commonly available.

10/100/1000 on Copper

10BASE-TCat-3 (2 pair)100m 
100BASE-TCat-5 (2 pair)100m 
1000BASE-TCat-5 (4 pair)100mCat-5e recommended

100 Mbit Fiber

100BASE-FX62.5µm MMF2km1300nm

Gigabit Fiber

1000BASE-SX 62.5µm MMF 220m 850nm
1000BASE-SX 50µm MMF 500m 850nm
1000BASE-LX 62.5µm MMF 550m 1310nm requires launch conditioning
1000BASE-LX 50µm MMF 550m 1310nm requires launch conditioning
1000BASE-LX/LH SMF 10km 1310nm typical distance
1000BASE-ZX SMF 70km 1550nm not standardized

10 Gigabit Fiber

10GBASE-SR 62.5µm MMF 26m-82m 850nm
10GBASE-LRM 62.5µm MMF 220m 1310nm
10GBASE-LX4 62.5µm MMF 300m 1300nm CWDM
10GBASE-SR 50µm OM3 300m 850nm
10GBASE-LRM 50µm OM3 260m 1310nm
10GBASE-LX4 50µm OM3 300m 1300nm CWDM
10GBASE-LR SMF 10km 1310nm known to do ~15km
10GBASE-LX4 SMF 10km 1300nm CWDM
10GBASE-ER SMF 40km 1550nm
10GBASE-ZR SMF 80-120km 1550nm not standardized, be careful about chromatic dispersion penalty

10 Gigabit Copper

10GBASE-CX4 Cat-5e 15m802.3ap
10GBASE-T Cat-6 Unshielded 55m 802.3an
10GBASE-T Cat-6 Shielded 100m 802.3an
10GBASE-T Cat-6a 100m 802.3an
10GBASE-T Cat-7 100m 802.3an
10GBASE-TSR10 ? < 10m Low power autonegotiation. Pre-standard
10GBASE-TSR30 ? < 30m Low power autonegotiation. Pre-standard
SFP+ Direct Attach twin-ax 1-10m

40 Gigabit

40GBASE-CR4 Cat-7? 10m802.3ba
40GBASE-SR4 OM3 MMF 100m850nm, 4 strands
40GBASE-SR4 OM4 MMF 125m850nm, 4 strands
40GBASE-LR4 SMF 10km(4) 10G ~1310nm waves
40GBASE-FR SMF 10km(1) 40G 1550nm wave

100 Gigabit

100GBASE-CR10 Cat-7? 10m802.3ba
100GBASE-SR10 OM3 MMF 100m850nm, 10 strands
100GBASE-SR10 OM4 MMF 125m850nm, 10 strands
100GBASE-LR4 SMF 10km(4) 25G ~1310nm waves, 800GHz spacing
100GBASE-ER4 SMF 40km(4) 25G ~1310nm waves, 800GHz spacing
100GBASE-LR10 SMF 2km???(10) WDM waves, non-standard

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