Curricular and Academic Web Services

The Curricular and Academic Hub web service, formally known as the Course Roster Information Service (CRIS), is a set of web services that provides curricular and roster data to the authorized recipient systems. Data is organized under two areas - Curricular and Course Roster. Curricular information includes data on courses and their relationships. Course roster information supplements the curricular data by providing a list of section enrollees and instructors. As of the 1.5 version of the web services, student data is now available under the class roster access. The set of CRIS web services and it's endpoint is set to be retired sometime in 2015. Any application that needs access to curricular and roster data, should use the Curricular and Academic Web Services.

Curricular and Academic Operational Data Store (CAOS) wiki space provides schema, data model and API information for the versions of the curricular hub web services that are currently in production.   

To find a complete list of methods exposed by the CAOS Web service endpoints, read the version's "Service Interface" on the CAOS wiki page under the CAOS Web Services API section.

If you have questions on any of the information found on the Curricular hub wiki space, please send an email to

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