Accessing Student Org Filespace and Website

Here are the paths to access filespace and website space for student organizations.

Note: In order to remotely map groupspace folders, you must be connected to the WiscVPN or CoE VPN (Engineering_full or split). Engineering_licensing will not allow access to remote files.

Shared file space

The CAE lab computer image and the CAE file system have combined to change the way that student organizations can access file space. Now filespace can easily be accessed from anywhere, using the following information.


The path to access your student organization's website folder is \\\[ORGNAME]  Replace [ORGNAME] with your Student Orginzations' name.You will have to map this on CAE lab computers as well as other computers. (Note: the format for student org space is changing. If \\\[ORGNAME] does not work, you may need to substitute instead of

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