Printing Using ENGR-Print

Instructions on how to print using ENGR-Print. This method is useful when needing to print to a CAE lab printer from a CoE non-lab computer.

CAE is experiencing a Windows driver issue with the ME 1262 plotter. You can still print to the plotter from a CAE Windows lab machine by using the method outlined below. The linux computers are not affected by this issue.

Please Note: Printing will not work outside the College of Engineering wired network. You will not be able to print to these printers from your laptop over a wireless connection unless you use the CoE VPN. The Software VPN will not work for this purpose. If you need to print from a laptop, please see Web Print.

If you are trying to print from a tablet or smart phone, you may want to give CAE's Web Print a shot.  Information on it can be found here:


  1. Open Run. This may be done by selecting Start and searching "Run" in Windows XP and Vista or by selecting Start and selecting Run... in Windows XP. For Windows 8, go to the start screen and simply type "run" and hit Enter.
  2. Enter \\ into the Open: field of the Run prompt and select OK.
  3. When logging in use your CAE username prefaced by ENGR\ (ex: ENGR\username ). Enter your CAE password and select OK. Note: You will need to check the box next to "Remember my credentials" for this to work after reboot (otherwise you will have to through steps 1-3 every time you want to print).  If this is on a shared computer or one that you do not have strong passwords on, it is not recommended
  4. When presented with the list of CAE printers, right-click on the printer you desire and select Connect. It may take a few moments or a few minutes to install print drivers.


  1. Select System Preferences from the dock.
  2. Select Print & Fax.
  3. If necessary, Click the lock to make changes located in the lower left corner.
  4. Select the + icon located below the Printers list.
  5. In the Add Printer window, select the Advanced tab. If you do not have an Advanced tab, then right click on the gray area next to the other tabs and select Customize Tooblbar. Then from the sub-menu, drag the Advanced tab to the Add Printer window toolbar to join the other tabs.
  6. Customize Toolbar
  7. Set the Type: to Windows.
  8. Set the URL: to smb://[printer name].
  9. Enter an appropriate Name:.
  10. In the Print Using: field, choose Select Printer Software... and specify the appropriate printer model.
  11. Select Add.
  12. The first time you print to this printer, you will be asked to specify your Name: and Password:. Use your CAE username prefaced by ENGR/ (ex: ENGR/username ). Enter your CAE password and select OK.
You are now able to print using this CAE printer. Below is a list of printer names, and where they are located.
cae-116-duplexLaser Printer in 116 CAE
cae-116-colorColor Laser Printer in 116 CAE
ecb-m1053-duplexLaser Printer in m1053 Engineering Centers Building
engr-1249-laserLaser Printer in 1249 Engineering Hall
engr-2261-laserLaser Printer in 2261 Engineering Hall
engr-2324-laserLaser Printer in 2324 Engineering Hall
engr-2324-plotterPlotter in 2324 Engineering Hall
engr-b103c-laserLaser Printer in b103c Engineering Hall
engr-b555-laserLaser Printer in b555 Engineering Hall
engr-3654-laserLaser Printer in 3654 Engineering Hall
kfw-105-duplexLaser in 105 Wendt Library
me-1262-duplexLaser Printers in Mechanical Engineering 1262
me-1262-plotterPlotter in Mechanical Engineering 1262
me-3120-laserLaser Printer in Mechanical Engineering 3120

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