L&S Academic Planning Council Meetings, Deadlines, and Contact

Regular meetings of the L&S APC are held every other Tuesday during Fall and Spring terms, when classes are in session.

For information about the L&S Academic Planning Council, please contact Associate Dean Elaine M. Klein (elaine.klein<at>wisc.edu)


The L&S Academic Planning Council meets twice monthly during Spring and Fall terms. Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month, usually from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.  One to two times a year, the L&S APC meets jointly with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Academic Planning Council, to discuss academic programs for which both colleges share oversight. These meetings are longer, to allow each council to reconvene separately to attend to other business if necessary.  (See L&S Academic Planning Council Meeting - Agendas and Notes for meeting dates, times, locations, and agendas.)


To allow for agenda planning and review of materials prior to distribution, the deadline for submission of agenda items ordinarily falls three weeks prior to the APC meeting, to allow for consultation with the Associate Deans and with the L&S Curriculum Committee. Please note, however, that many proposals that come before the council require research and consultation within and beyone L&S administration and, in some cases, at the campus or UW System level - in such cases, planning needs to allow for agenda deadlines and meeting cycles of the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee, University Academic Planning Council, and UW System Board of Regents. If additional consultation is needed, presentation to the APC will be delayed until questions are satisfied and issues resolved. Please contact the Associate Dean for Academic Planning for more information.


Dean Wilcots chairs the Council, but in most cases, the best contact is the Academic Associate Dean, or with Elaine M. Klein (Associate Dean for Academic Planning). 

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