Declaring a Second Major Outside of L&S

This section explains what an L&S undergraduate student will need to do in order to pursue an additional major outside of L&S.

What do I need to do in order to declare another major outside of L&S if I am an L&S undergraduate student?

If an L&S student wishes to declare a second major in another school/college on the UW-Madison campus (e.g., CALS, Human Ecology, etc.), the student will need to transfer into the other school or college and obtain permission to earn a second major in the College of Letters & Science.  Letters & Science is not the home school/college for students with a second major outside of L&S.  Instead, L&S becomes the student's secondary college.  However, effective fall 2018, L&S undergraduate students may declare one additional major in the School of Education.  The three options available for L&S undergraduates in Education are:
For more information about declaring Education Studies & Theatre and Drama in the School of Education can be found here.  

**Students with second majors in L&S only need to fulfill L&S major requirements. 
  • An L&S undergraduate student cannot pursue two degree programs at the same time.  
  • An L&S undergraduate student who is interested in pursuing a second degree program/major outside of L&S must first complete his/her degree in L&S and then apply to the other school/college on the UW-Madison campus for a second undergraduate degree.
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