Web Hosting - Publishing and Managing Your Web Account

Web Hosting customers can view and modify account information, publish web files, and perform other site management via the Administrative Control Panel.

Publishing Content

There's more than one way to publish content to your site:

Billing Info and Account Contacts

To view billing and account contact information for all of your Web Hosting accounts, please see Web Hosting - My Accounts.

Site Management

For all other site management functions, log into the Administrative Control Panel (Web Hosting - Logging In to the Administrative Control Panel).

MySQL Management

For information about adding, removing, and managing databases for your LAMP or Windows/IIS site, please see Web Hosting - Managing MySQL Databases.

SSH/Remote Desktop

For security purposes, we do not allow administrative SSH or Remote Desktop access in the web hosting environment. Please see Web Hosting - Scheduled Tasks and Crontab for information about scheduling tasks and running scripts.