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Perceptive Content Fundamentals

Application Plans

An Application Plan contains one or more Screens, where each Screen represents a learned screen or window in your business application (e.g., PeopleSoft). Perceptive Content stores the information learned on a business application, using one of four types, Agent, Interact, LearnMode, or Manual. The information learned is stored in a container called an Application Plan. When you create a Screen, you capture the data from your business application's screen (e.g, a view of student course data) to create document index keys, called document keys, to link data for the document to the data in your business application. The system can also learn applications that can communicate using OLE, DDE, and COM objects.

Perceptive Content Application Plans

Application Plan Types

Agent: Used with Perceptive Content internal and external agents, that process jobs and provide messaging to the Perceptive Content clients. Perceptive Content Fax Agent enables you to process incoming faxes directly into Perceptive Content by converting them into documents. This method uses data available from the Fax Agent to identify possible index values. Fax specific data includes the fax sender number, fax sender DID, and incoming fax channel. Perceptive Content Import Agent, installed with the Perceptive Content Server, is responsible for handling all automated import routines on the server. This method uses data available from the Import Agent to identify possible index values. Import specific data includes index file line item text and associated file text. Perceptive Content Mail Agent captures, manages, and indexes email in the Perceptive Content system. This method uses data available from the Mail Agent to identify possible index values. Mail specific data includes the Email to address, Email from address, Email CC address, Email subject, Email reply to address, Email received data, and Email attachment count.

Interact: Used with the Interact line of products, consisting primarily of software that works within a third party environment, providing integration with Perceptive Content. An Interact application plan maps data to documents captured by an Interact client, such as Interact for SAP ArchiveLink or Interact for Lexmark.

LearnMode: Used for GUI-based, DOS-based, Web-based and terminal emulation applications. A LearnMode application plan maps data gathered from one or more screens to documents where each screen represents a learned screen or window in your business application. When you create a screen in an application plan, you capture the data from your business application screen to create drawer, folder, document key, and custom property values to link the image to a record in your business application.

Manual: Used to create stand-alone application plans. Perceptive Content can be set to run as a stand-alone imaging system. In this case, images can be indexed and retrieved without the use of a business application. All of the definition of document keys must be done manually using non-dynamic methods. There are features available during document keys definition that can make manual entry less manual. For example, pre-defined lists can be created and applied to document keys that will present the user with a list of choices when indexing an image. The screen label for the screen must be typed in for this method.

External: You use the External type with external Perceptive Content interfaces, such as iScript and Message Agent. This type uses data available from the external interface to identify possible document and folder property values. It also limits the property values you can use for input in the external interface

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