Office 365 - Submit a message as spam/phishing

This document describes how users can help us improve campus junk mail filtering by reporting messages that were not flagged as spam. Doing this sends the feedback to the campus filtering engine and allows us to better identify spam in the future.


To report a spam/phishing message that was not delivered to your Junk Email folder (click on the plus sign to expand the specific client section)

To report a message that has been misclassified as spam/phishing manually

What if I submitted a message as spam/phish by mistake

If you mistakenly submit a message as spam/phish by mistake, do not be concerned - just move the message back to your desired folder from your "Deleted Items" folder.

When a message is submitted as spam/phish using the instructions outlined above, there are processes in place where the message will still be reviewed by our spam scanning vendor to validate if the message is truly spam/phishing. One false submission will not cause the message to be flagged as spam in the future.

If you used Microsoft's spam submission action (and not the steps above), the same results exist, except one additional action should be reviewed/reset - you should review your block list to remove the block filter that was created.

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