Microsoft 365 - Use of Security Groups to Manage Permissions

Desired sample workflow: You have a resource account that you manage the calendar permissions for. Instead of having to add/manage the calendar permissions via the resource calendar permissions screen every time you make a change, instead you can setup a Microsoft security group and manage the permissions via Manifest application.

What is a mail-enabled security group?

Mail-enabled security groups allow you to streamline the process for assigning and managing multiple permissions for a service/calendar.

What do you need to do?

  •  Create a security group
      1. Create a Manifest folder if you do not already have one: Manifest - Request a Manifest Folder.
      2. Create a Manifest group: Manifest - Create a Group.
      3. Add at least one member to the group: Manifest - Manage Group Members. Note: at this time, only user NetIDs can be added to the Manifest group; service accounts cannot be added as members.
      4. Request the group be AD-synced and wait for confirmation that the group has been synced successfully: Manifest - Publish Group to Active Directory Services
      5. Wait 24 hours after confirmation that your group has been synced to AD before moving to the next step and contacting the Office 365 Team.
      6. After at least 24 hours have passed since receiving confirmation that your group has been synced to AD, send an email to Office 365 Document and Support Team with the UUID and Group ID, and request an Office 365 Security Group be created.

        Note: The UUID can be found in the url of the Manifest group. The Group ID will be displayed as the "Name" for this Manifest group.

        As an example, here is a Manifest group url:

        • The UUID is: 280abc5d36544efghi8j4k5lmn296770.
        • The Group ID is: uw:org:<dept>:<group_name></group_name></dept>.

        If the link above (in step 6) does not open a new mail message on your computer/device, please send an email manually with the following details:

        • To:
        • Subject: Office 365 request - security group to manage permissions (63382)
        • Body: include all the information listed above

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