Canvas - Adding a Kaltura Interactive Video Quiz as an Assignment (UW-Madison)

This document describes how to add a Kaltura Mediaspace Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ) as an assignment in Canvas that connects to the gradebook.

Warning: At this time we do NOT recommend that you use Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) with Canvas Assignments or by inserting them with the Kaltura starburst icon (Kaltura MediaSpace starburst icon) in the rich text editor due to numerous issues.

Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) do not preview with the Student View Canvas functionality as of 7/1/17. If you try using Student View with a video quiz you will either get an error message: access denied or it will not load at all and display a white screen. A workaround to preview a video quiz is to add a colleague or TA to your course and have them take the quiz or to embed IVQs using Kaltura MediaSpace embed code as outlined in the Kaltura issues document.

When students complete an IVQ using the Kalutra/Canvas integration the IVQ will not show students which questions they got correct or incorrect, how they previously answered the question, or the correct answer:
Kaltura IVQ not showing the student's answer or the correct answer when using the Kaltura/Canvas integration
The student also can not re-answer the question or take an IVQ more than once. There is no way to reset a student's IVQ attempt. Kaltura MediaSpace analytics for IVQs can take up to a day or two to update. We have also had reports that if a student takes an IVQ using the Kaltura/Canvas integration and then tries taking the IVQ in Kaltura MediaSpace the behavior will exhibit there as well. When an IVQ is reloaded while a student is logged into Kaltura MediaSpace, the student will see the summary screen at start of the IVQ rather than the end.

If you do decide to use an IVQ please only use it for student review of material and do not assign points. We also recommend that you keep a copy of your questions, answers, and any other "why" or "hint" text in an external document (for example Word or a Google Doc) in case students have trouble accessing your IVQ material.

This document assumes that you have already created a Kaltura Interactive Video Quiz in Kaltura MediaSpace as outlined in the videos in Kaltura - Interactive Video Quizzing (UW-Madison)
  1. In your Canvas course click on Assignments.
  2. Click the +Assignment button to add an assignment.
  3. Enter the assignment details including the assignment name, description, points, group, and "display grade as" settings. 
  4. Under Submission Type click the drop-down and select External Tool.
  5. Under External Tool Options click the Find button.

  6. Click on Kaltura - Interactive Video Quiz from the list of available tools.

  7. A Link Resource from External Tool window will open and display a list of Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzes. Select the video quiz you want your students to take by clicking on the blue Select button next to the quiz.

  8. You will be taken back to the list of available external tools. Click the red Select button.

  9. Set the dates you would like the video quiz to be available.
  10. If you are ready to make the video quiz available you can click Save & Publish. Otherwise just click Save if you want to make additional changes in the future without making the video quiz published and available to your students. The video quiz grade item will not show up in the Grades tool until you publish the assignment the video quiz is part of.

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