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Posts can be used to create chronological items within your site, and are most commonly used for blogs or news articles. They display in reverse order, and tags and categories can be used for further filtering and menu options.

Creating a Post

  1. Login to your WordPress administration site.

  2. Hover your mouse over the Posts menu option on the left and choose Add New.

    Posts - Add New

  3. Enter your Post Title at the top of the page. This value will represent several things: it is the internal name of the page within your admin section; it is the value that is generated as the window title when a visitor comes to the page; and it is the default value that is added as the “permalink” or URL value.

  4. A post allows you to only add text and media.

  5. On the right side of your screen, you have several options to choose from:

    Posts page - Publish options
  • When you first write a post, you can save it as a draft by clicking on Save Draft while you continue to work on it. To see what your post will look like, click the Preview button.
  • The Status option allows you to set what state your post is in. The three states to choose from are: Published, which means it is visible; Pending Review, which means that the post remains in a draft state until approved by an editor for it to be published; and Draft, which means that it is not published and can continue to be worked on.
  • The Publish value allows you to future date this post going live.
  • Move to Trash will delete this post.
  • The Publish button will make this post live to your site.

Categories and Tags

Categories represent a general topic that the post can be placed into. To choose a category, click in the appropriate check box(es); to add a new category click the +Add New Category link to create it.


Tags allow you to further index your site by applying these values to your posts. The values can then represent a RSS feed, a menu option, or a search mechanism when people are attempting to see more items that use this same tag. To choose tags, type in the value you want to tag this post with, such as News, Blog, or some other value. To see which tags you have most often used, click the Choose from the most used tags link.


Using the Featured Image

A featured image can be used as a graphic teaser in the Post Listing page element, as well as to add an image to the top of a post itself. This feature can be toggled on and off as needed.

To set a featured image:

  1. Click the link for Set featured image

    Setting the featured image

  2. Choose the image you want to set as the featured image
  3. By default, the image will not appear in the post itself. If you do want the image to appear at the top of the post, you can click the check box for Show featured image above post content.

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