Local Campus Multi-factor Authentication - Resolving "Additional Identity Proofing Required" Errors When Authenticating to Protected Systems

This document links to various campuses' policies / processes for resolving additional identity proofing required errors that occur when authenticating to protected systems that require in-person identity proofing before accessing.

Campuses using local multi-factor authentication

Eau Claire - Follow the MFA-Duo process
Madison - Follow the IAL2 Credentialing process
Milwaukee- Follow the IAL2 Credentialing process
Oshkosh - Follow the MFA enrollment process
Platteville - Follow the UW Platteville Credentialing process
River Falls - Follow the UW River Falls Credentialing process
Stout - Contact the UW Stout Help Desk
Superior - Contact the UW Superior Help Desk
UW-Shared Services - Email the UWSS Help Desk

An employee receiving this error at any campus not in the above list should contact uwdigitalid@doit.wisc.edu