AEFIS - Eval - Sending a Course Evaluation to External Students (Admin)

This document describes how to send an AEFIS course evaluation to students who are not officially enrolled in the course at UW-Madison. These steps can only be performed by an AEFIS department administrator.

    The primary way that AEFIS course evaluations are distributed is through the process of assigning course sections. (See AEFIS - Eval - Assigning Course Sections to a Survey (Admin).) This distributes the evaluation survey to all of the students who are enrolled in the assigned sections.

    However, in some instances, instructors also wish to evaluate students who are not officially enrolled in the course. To do this, you must manually add the students to one of the AEFIS course sections that is being evaluated.

    1. Log into AEFIS and select Course Sections from the left menu bar.
    2. Navigate to the course section that students will be evaluating. Select Manage.
    3. Confirm that the course is in Faculty Pending status. If the course has already been published, click the Revert to Faculty Pending button.
    4. Select Enrollment from the left navigation menu to pull up a list of students currently enrolled in the course.
    5. Click the Import Students button from the upper right corner and select the Export External Student Template option.
    6. The template will open in Excel. Enter the email addresses, first names, and last names of the students you would like to whom you would like to send the evaluation. Save the file.
    7. Note: The export will download as a .xls (Excel 1997-2003) file. Do NOT update the file to an .xlsx (Excel) file, as you will not be able to import this back into AEFIS.

    8. In AEFIS, click the Import Students button again and select Import External Student Template.
    9. Follow the prompts to upload your saved template file.
    10. Use the Publish button in the top banner to republish the course section.

    The external students have now been added to the AEFIS course section. When an evaluation is released to the section, they will receive an email notification along with the enrolled students.