L&S Course and Class Section Cancellation Policy

Courses without enrolled students may be canceled without further inquiry. Depending on instructor’s obligations to the payrolling units, departments/programs should expect to reassign instructors to other courses/duties.

Summer 2020 Term Class Section Cancellation Policy:

Fall and Spring Term Class Section Cancellation Policy:

If a decision is made to cancel a class section with student enrollments:
  • Early in the enrollment period (up to 6 weeks before the semester begins)
    • Departments are encouraged to contact students as early as possible to inform them of the cancellation
    • The Registrar’s Office will allow departments to cancel sections without L&S Academic Associate Dean permission, providing evidence is offered concerning notification of sudents and of the L&S Associate Dean to Teaching & Learning administration.

Messages to Students

Messages to students should include the following information:

L&S Contact

For more information about the L&S course cancellation policy, please contact Shirin Malekpour, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning Administration.

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