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TempGuard Remote Access

This document explains how to access the Temperature Guard server over a Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) connection.

Accessing the Temperature Guard Server ("TGS") eliminates the need to be physically present at the server to do work.  You can access the server from your office workstation.  To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Load the Windows Remote Desktop Connection ("RDP") app.  You can do this by opening the Windows Launcher and searching for "Remote Desktop".  Once you find the app, you can right-click on it and pin it to the Task Bar or Start menu for easier future reference.
    Launch Remote Desktop

  2. Once you start RDP, you will need to enter the address of the server.  Enter "" as shown below.  Note: RDP will remember the last successful connection.  If you connect to other RDP sites, you should be able to find the TGS address in the drop-down list.
    tempguard address

  3. Next, enter your login credentials.  Note that RDP should remember your username from the last time you logged in.  
    1. If you have not logged in before, or if the username or account name are not what you expect, click "More Choices" and then "Use a different account".
    2. In the username box (the top-most blank box) enter "ad\" and then your NetID.  You must start the username with the "ad\" part.
    3. In the password box (the next blank box) enter your NetID password.
    4. Click "OK"
    5. RDP should remember the username part the next time you log in.  If so, all you should have to do at this point is enter your NetID password.

  4. Next, RDP will ask you if you want to connect.  Click "Yes".
    accept certificate

  5. If this is your first time logging in, the TGS will create your Windows desktop.  This might take a minute or two.  When you are finally logged in, look for a desktop icon named "Data Capture 6 - RDP User".  Do not use the older "Data Capture 6" icon as it will not work for you.  The "RDP User" version is configured to run in the context of the server's "Temperature Guard" account.

  6. The icon will ask for a username.  Enter ".\temperature guard" as shown below.  Be sure to include the ".\" part.  Then click "Yes".

  7. After a few seconds, the TempGuard/Data Capture 6 application should load.  At this point, you should be able to do everything as if you were physically present at the server.

  8. When finished, close the TempGuard/Data Capture 6 application.  You can then right-click the Windows Launcher and click either "Disconnect" or "Sign Out".

Some additional comments

  1. RDP access is available only from the Pharmacy network.  
  2. We will grant access to only employees of the School of Pharmacy with a valid NetID.  Please contact IIT staff to grant access to authorized employees.
  3. You must also inform IIT staff when an authorized employee terminates employment with the school.  This is so that access can be removed in a timely manner.
  4. Please contact IIT staff at if you have any trouble connecting to the TGS or using the "RDP User" version of the application icon.

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