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1042 (PPTR) & 2522 (SAS) A/V Equipment

How to Use the Samsung TV Panel in 1042 & 2522

How to Use the Samsung TV Panel in 1042 & 2522

  1. All of the controls are on the back, bottom, right side of the TV panel.  Once the TV is turned on, a menu will light up when your hand rests on the buttons (on the back right side of the TV.
    control pannel

  2. Press the Power button on the right side of the TV panel (a sticker will guide the way to the button).  It may take a few seconds to power on.

  3. Plug in the HDMI or VGA cable (and possibly the Audio cable) into your PC.
       HDMI cable   vga cable 

    Room 1042 Sources:

    HDMI 1 – HDMI Cable
    HDMI 2 – Microsoft Display Adapter
    HDMI 3 – Apple TV

  4. The computer image should appear on the TV screen.  If it does not, one possible reason could be that the 'Input Source' to the TV has changed.  Press the 'Source' button on the TV menu on the back of the TV.  (It is the top button.) Pressing the button will toggle through the different possible sources.  Keep pressing the 'Source' button until 'PC' is visible.

  5. The volume controls are on the TV's back panel as well.  Use the +/- keys to increase/decrease the volume.
    • This screen operates best under 16:9 dimensions.  For example, in PowerPoint, change the Slide Size to 16:9. (Found in Page Setup under the Design Menu in PowerPoint 2010.)
    • It also might be necessary to change the screen resolution for the best possible display.  To change the screen resolution, go to the Control Panel/Display Settings if using Windows, or System Preferences if on a Mac.
    • Mac Users: If not displaying optimally, take off mirroring. Go to system preferences-> displays -> arrangement tab->mirror displays (uncheck)
    • For more help, go to:

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