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2202 A/V Equipment Guide

Operating the Audio-Visual Equipment in Room 2202


Start up the panel screen

  1. To turn on the system, touch the panel screen.
      2202 control panel
    This will take you to the main menu and power on the displays.     

We recommend downloading this AirMedia controller, it will provide controls for all for displays, otherwise you will need to download for each individual display.

Connect a laptop

Physical cable connection
  1. Plug in the HDMI cable to your computer.
  2. Select Laptop on the control panel and send to the Display screen you want to display on, or the Source Send to All to display on all four monitors.
Wireless connection
  1. Select one of the Air Media Displays to connect to, use the URL provided on screen in the upper left corner.  (If you haven't downloaded the AirMedia controler mentioned above you will need to install at this point.)
  2. The passcode is in the upper right corner of the display.
  3. Once connected, you select from the panel the source you connected to and send to individual monitors or select Source Send to All.
  4. To disconnect, select the "stop" square.
Please remember to Shutdown when finished to turn off all the monitors.


Use the document camera 

  1. Start up the panel screen.
  2. Open the drawer on the right side of the podium to reveal the document camera.
  3. Press the POWER button on the document camera. The light for the power button will turn green to indicate it is on.
         document camera screen shot  document camera power
  4. Place your document on the working surface area. 
  5. Select the DOCUMENT CAMERA button on the panel screen.
  6. Select the SEND TO ALL button on the panel screen. 

  7. To adjust the size of the projected document, use the ZOOM dial. Turn the dial towards the "one person" button to make the image larger and towards the "three people" button to make it smaller.
       document camera zoom
  8. Turn off the document camera when you are finished and collapse the arm and close the drawer.


Adjust the lights

  1. Start up the panel screen.
  2. Select the LIGHTS button on the panel screen.
  3. Select the "Preset" button that best meets the needs for the presentation. 
    Note: The lights can also be controlled with the lighting panel as you first enter the room. 
      light panel on wall
  4. After you have selected the correct preset button, select the EXIT button to return to the main menu.


Adjust the volume

  1. Start up the panel screen.
       2202 control panel
  3. Use the up/down arrows to adjust. Click on it once to mute and click it again to turn mute off. 
Or you can adjust volumes on the individual displays by clicking the individual Display Volume buttons.

Shutdown the panel system

  1. Select the Shutdown button.
       2202 control panel
  2. Make sure other pieces of equipment are shutdown as well, ie. the document camera and the displays.


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