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2220V Smart Board Guide

Operating the Audio-Visual (Smartboard) Equipment in 2220V

222V Smart Board Guide

How to project onto Smart Board

  1. The room has a computer attached to the projector.  You must use the dedicated computer and load your presentation from a flash drive or a campus file storage, such as Box  (
      smartboard controls 
    Pink1: computer Orange2: Smartboard controls

  2. Turn the system on by powering on the dedicated computer, this will also start the SmartBoard.

  3. Open your PowerPoint presentation.  You can present normal slide show without using any of the SmartBoard features.  
    PLEASE do not change any of the presentation settings we have as default as altering will likely cause problems displaying on the SmartBoard.  If you would like to hide the SmartBoard tools, click the hide/expand button.    
hide/expand button image    

How to use SmartBoard Tools

  1. If you would like to use the SmartBoard tools, you can select from the tool bar along left side of screen by touching the screen or using the touchpad on the laptop,  
    PLEASE  only use fingertip or the SmartBoard Stylus on the screen.  Other objects will scratch/mark the surface.  Never use pens, pencils or markers on the surface.  (A stylus can be checked out for class period from IIT-2321)

    Smartboard onscreen controls image

  2. There are two pen colors, you can change either one by clicking the little gear icon that appears when you select the pen.  Click "Save Tool Properties" after selecting your color.
    image of how to select pen colors

  3. You can toggle between the selection tool, pens, highlighter and eraser from the screen.

How to shutdown the SmartBoard

  1. Please be sure to logout of any browser or web conferencing tool.

  2. Please shutdown the computer from the Start menu.

  3. Turn off the SmartBoard.
  4. power button image on the Smart Board tray, will require pushing the power button twice, follow screen directions.

    SmartBoard Control bar

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