Best Practices for Computer Use in Rennebohm Hall

    1. Rationale

      The School of Pharmacy is a healthcare component (HCC) under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) law. The computer network in Rennebohm Hall is also part of the larger UW-Madison network. Under both HIPAA law and campus policy, the school has an obligation to keep its network secure from threats that could lead to legal liability or isolation from other campus networks. This would severely impact the ability of our faculty and staff to do research and perform job-related duties.

      Therefore, we explicitly list here our current practices for allowing computers and other devices to use the network in Rennebohm Hall.

    2. Definitions

      • Personal computer: a laptop, desktop, or any other computing device that you purchased with your own funds.
      • Workstation: a laptop, desktop, or any other computing device that was purchased with grant, school, or University funds for the purpose of doing school-related research or job duties.  Workstations are configured and fully supported by school IIT staff.
      • School of Pharmacy network: is the communication medium through which a computing device connects to network resources such as web sites or email servers. The School of Pharmacy network technically bounded by the IP address range of 128.104.(112-115).(0-255). In CIDR notation this translates to This definition is restricted to physical (wired) connections from computing devices to the network.

    3. Scope
      The practices outlined in this document apply only to personal computers and workstations connecting to the School of Pharmacy network or to the campus wireless network service originating in Rennebohm Hall.

    4. Practices

      Please refer to the "Related UW-Madison Policies" section when items in this section refer to "campus policies".
      1. All workstations that connect to the school's network must adhere to established UW-Madison campus policies.
      2. While in almost all cases faculty and staff will use a workstation to perform their research and job duties, we recognize that in some rare cases faculty or staff may need to bring in a personal computer to do work.  In that situation, personal computers may connect to the school's network under the following conditions.
        1. The personal computer must also adhere to established campus policies.  If this is not acceptable to the computer's owner, we will not allow the computer to use the network.
        2. Owners of the personal computer(s) are responsible for applying updates and patches to the computer's software and operating system.
        3. IIT staff can provide minimal support to personal computers, but this will be at a lower priority compared to workstations.
        4. Any conflicts or problems discovered on the network and traced to a personal computer will mean removal of the personal computer from the network. 
        5. The School of Pharmacy is not responsible for damage to or theft of a personal computer.  It is also not responsible for any loss of personal data from a personal computer.
        6. Failure to comply with these requirements, or network problems or security breaches traced to a personal computer, will result in consequences to be determined by the owner’s faculty supervisor and the School of Pharmacy Director of Instructional and Information Technology.

    5. Related UW-Madison Policies

      1. Electronic Devices Connected to the Network
      2. Endpoint Management and Security Policy
      3. Acceptable Use of Technology Resources
      4. Designation of the UW-Madison Health Care Component (UW HCC)

    6. Procedure Contacts
Director of Instructional and Information Technology
Michael Pitterle
Senior Information Processing Consultant
John M. DeMuth

  1. Document History
    1. Created: 04/13/2021 by John M. DeMuth
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