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Authorized Network Devices

  1. Rationale
    The School of Pharmacy is a healthcare component (HCC) under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) law. The computer network in Rennebohm Hall is also part of the larger UW-Madison network. Under both HIPAA law and campus policy, the school has an obligation to keep its network secure from threats that could lead to legal liability or isolation from other campus networks. This would severely impact the ability of our faculty and staff to do research and perform job-related duties.

    Therefore, we explicitly list here our current practices for determining what kinds of devices may use the School of Pharmacy network.

  2. Definitions    
    1. School of Pharmacy network: is the communication medium through which a computing device connects to network resources such as web sites or email servers. The School of Pharmacy network technically bounded by the IP address range of 128.104.(112-115).(0-255). In CIDR notation this translates to This definition is restricted to physical (wired) connections from computing devices to the network.
    2. Wireless Network: the network in Rennebohm Hall through which computers communicate using radio signals. The wireless network is under the jurisdiction of and is maintained by the UW-Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT). People using the wireless network must authenticate to it using their campus NetID and password. 
    3. Data Jack: a telephone-like socket into which one may plug a computer or other device for network access.
    4. Workstation: is a computer or other device that is used to perform your required work duties.  Workstations are usually provided by the School of Pharmacy to its employees for this purpose and are supported by IIT staff. 

  3. Scope
    The practices outlined in this document apply only to computers and other electronic devices connecting to the School of Pharmacy network.

  4. Practices
    1. The School of Pharmacy will allow only those devices approved by the Director of Instructional and Information Technology  to connect to its network. Examples of approved devices can include, but are not limited to, workstations, lab instruments, network hubs or routers, or personal computers.
    2. To prevent unauthorized devices from using the SoP network, SoP IIT staff will configure data jacks so that only specific devices can communicate through them on the network. This is typically done in the labs, but may extend to faculty and staff offices in the future.
    3. Data jacks located in public areas, such as classrooms, conference rooms, or student areas are inactive and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Computers used in public areas can use the campus wireless network.
    4. Upon discovery or notification by campus authorities, IIT staff will deactivate the data jack used by any computer or other electronic device found to be noncompliant with campus policies or participating in illegal activities. 
      1. For non-compliant devices, IIT staff will make every attempt to bring the device into compliance with campus policies before removing completely from network access.  If that cannot be done, we may bar the device from network access or propose moving it to another network to mitigate risk to the School of Pharmacy network.
      2. For devices participating in illegal activities, the device will be immediately removed from the network upon notification or discovery.  The device owner must cease all illegal activity at once, and may have to submit the device to the Office of Cybersecurity or civilian authorities for further examination.  Future network access for the device will be at the discretion of the Director of Instructional and Information Technology. 

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  6. Procedure Contacts
    Director of Instructional and Information Technology
    Michael Pitterle
    Senior Information Processing Consultant
    John M. DeMuth

  7. Document History 
    1. Created: 04/13/2021 by John M. DeMuth
    2. Revised/Reviewed:  

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