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A/V Equipment Reservation Policy

A/V equipment reservation policy

By following these procedures, we hope to ensure that the equipment is available and functioning properly for the people who need to use it.  Please share this information with your graduate students and post-doctoral students.  We appreciate your cooperation.

  1. Please reserve equipment at least two weeks in advance. 

  2. If you do not know how to set-up the equipment or room, you can request training through the SoP Helpdesk.  Please request training at least a week in advance of when you plan to use the equipment or room.

  3. Please pick up the equipment on time in room 2321 or 2327 Rennebohm Hall between 8 AM and 4 PM on business days.

    • Equipment needs to be returned promptly unless prior arrangements have been made.
    • If you are unable to return the equipment to an IIT staff member in room 2321 or 2327, either:
      (1) place the equipment in a locked faculty office, or
      (2) leave it with Student and Academic Affairs reception (Rm. 2220) and let one of the IIT team members know via email or phone where the equipment has been stored in the SAA office.
    • Note: In special circumstances when the equipment is used in the late afternoon or evening, please lock it in a faculty office overnight and arrange a suitable next day delivery time. NEVER leave reserve equipment in a classroom.
  4. Please attempt to reserve your division's equipment before reserving IIT equipment. Check with your division's administrative staff for more information or to pick up this equipment.

    • Pharmaceutical Sciences: slide advancer, laser pointer
    • Pharmacy Practice: digital recorder, projector, laptop 
    • Social and Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy: laptops, slide advancer + laser pointer, digital camera
    • DPPD: projectors, digital recorders, laptops, slide advancers, laser pointers

  5. Equipment that is reserved for teaching purposes or by faculty will receive first priority.  For presentation practice, there is a 2 hour maximum check-out time limit.

  6. Graduate students can reserve equipment.  We ask that a faculty member name be included in the WiscCal reservation.  Please bring your student ID card with you when you pick up equipment. 

  7. Before reserving equipment for use outside of Rennebohm Hall, please check to see if equipment from the facility is available.

  8. A laser pointer is available through IIT for guest lecturers only.  For other purposes, please check out a laser pointer through your division or inquire in the stock room about purchasing one.

  9. A slide advancer is available for guest lecturers only. We recommend that individuals who would like regular access to a slide advancer purchase one.  To order a slide advancer, submit a request through the SoP Helpdesk.

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