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How to View Someone Else's Calendar in Outlook 365 or Outlook Desktop

This document describes how to view someone else's calendar using Microsoft Outlook 365 and Microsoft Outlook.


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Microsoft Outlook comes in in two varieties: 

  • Microsoft Outlook 365, which you access over the web
  • Microsoft Outlook desktop, which is installed directly on your computer
  1. Open the calendar inside Outlook 365 (calendar icon, left side of screen)

  2. Click Add Calendar: (left side of the screen)

    Click Add Calendar in Office 365.

  3. The Add Calendar screen appears:

    Add Calendar Screen - Office 365

  4. Click Add from directory.  The screen changes:

    Add From Directory - Office 365

  5. Click Enter a name or email address.

  6. Type or paste the person's name or email address.

  7. Choose People’s Calendars from the Add to dropdown menu.

  8. Click Add.

  9. Close the Add Calendar window.

  10. The calendar you added now appears at the left, selected:

    Calendar Added by Name - Office365

Note: what you see depends on the security authorization the other person has granted you.  You may only be able to see "Busy" with no details.

Microsoft Outlook Desktop (Installed on your computer) Instructions

  1. Open the calendar inside Outlook (calendar icon, bottom left of screen.

  2. Right-click Shared Calendars. Choose Add Calendar then Open Shared Calendar from the popup menu:

    Open Shared Calendar - Outlook

  3. Type or paste the person's name or email address into the Name box.

    Open a Shared Calendar - Name - Outlook

  4. Click OK/Add.


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