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Spirion (Identity Finder) - Scheduling a Scan from the Console

This document describes how to scan clients using the Enterprise Console. All documentation was performed with Spirion 12.5 and Enterprise Console version 12.5. All information shown is simulated.

Screen captures were taken with Spirion 12.5.  Instructions are compatible with 11.* and 12.*.

You can schedule the scanning of endpoints using Spirion's Enterprise console. There are a variety of options for how scans are performed.

Several topics require knowledge of using policies. For information regarding policy configuration, see the Spirion article Policies.

Important: Please do not create system policies unnecessarily.  Either a scheduled task using the default policy, or a customized scheduled task policy is effective for most scans. System policies override other policy settings, and can have unintended effects if configured with minimal knowledge of the tool.

To schedule a scan using the console:

1. Login to the console and go to the Policies tab.

Policy tab and list of existing policies

2. If this is your first scan, it is recommended that you create a scheduled task based on the system policy called CYBERSECURITY_RECOMMENDED_DEFAULT.  You may need to make a custom policy if you don't get the results you need with the default configuration.

3. Right click on an existing policy, and select Policy > Clone.  This brings up a dialogue:

4. Assign a name to your policy.  Always begin with your department UDDS code, then the department, then the purpose of the policy.  Example: A54 - SchoolOfNursing - Test Scan.

5. Change Policy Type to Scheduled Task.  Users outside Cybersecurity should not create system policies.

6. Add a description that will be useful to you.  If this is a one-time scan, it can be helpful to use the word "temporary" in the description and include a date.  Test scans should use the word "test".  You can edit the comments later.

NOTE: If a system policy is applied to an endpoint, specifically configured settings (but not defaults) are applied to that endpoint and can not be overridden in scheduled tasks.

7. Select Scheduled Tasks under the policy name on the left-hand side of the page.

User-defined policies should be created as scheduled tasks.

8. Click the Add Task button Select the scheduled task option under a policy at the top of the page.

9. From this menu you can configure a variety of options for the task. For complete descriptions of what various options can configure, please see the Spirion KnowledgeBase article located here.

Full image of scheduled task options

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