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Identity Finder (Win) - Scheduling a Scan Using the Client

This document describes how to schedule a scan using the Windows client of Identity Finder. All documentation was performed with Identity Finder for Windows.

Identity Finder for Windows has the option of scheduling scans. The scheduled scan can be configured with a variety of options.

Note: This feature is not available in the Mac client of Identity Finder.

To setup a scan schedule:

  1. Open Identity Finder and click the Configuration tab.

  2. Choose Enable Scheduling from the Scheduling button drop down menu.

  3. The Scheduling Settings will open. Check the Schedule Identity Finder check box.

  4. You can now configure a time for a scan. Click the configurebutton.png button to open the Task Schedule menu. From this menu you can configure when Identity Finder will scan. When you are done click the OKButton.png button.

  5. You can also specify options to use your profile settings you have specified, a custom profile, or a configuration file. If you are unsure, just use your profile settings.

  6. Additionally, there are options to exit Identity Finder when the scan is complete and to automatically secure and save the results. Both are optional, though if you choose to save the results, use a strong password and do not lose the password or will you lose access to the results.
  7. When you are done configuring the settings, click OK. Identity Finder will request the credentials of a user login so it can perform the scan. Enter this information and click OK.

  8. Identity Finder is now configured. Identity Finder will open and perform the scan in Scheduled Task mode at the time you specified.

    Note: If Identity Finder is already open at the time of the scheduled scan, the scan will not be performed.

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