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A Comparison of Confluence Macros and WiscWeb Features

Macros are used to format documents in Confluence. If you are considering a WordPress website on the WiscWeb service, the following features can be used instead of Confluence macros.

Confluence Macros and Equivalent WiscWeb Features


Confluence Macro

WiscWeb WordPress Page Element

Make a structured table of contents from headers on a page

Table of Contents

Use jump links instead of a table of contents.

A notification or pop up appears on the page when an item is clicked



Position objects on the page


Page elements automatically align. 

Change the background color on a section of a page

Background Color

Change the background color for content layout.

Add a button

Button Hyperlink

You can add add buttons.

Feature content in cards 

Card macro (and Deck of Cards)

Use the featured content block. See an example.

Add an accordion with multiple sections

Cloak macro (and Toggle Cloak) - accordions and expands

Use the accordion page element. See an example.

Add a block of code to a page

Code Block macro

Use a text block. See an example

Change the number of columns in a page

Column macro (and Section)

Adjust the content layout. More info.

Add custom styles to a website page.

CSS Stylesheet

Limited, can customize the logo and swap the campus red for a different color.

Fees may apply.

Create bulleted and numbered lists

Fancy Bullets

Bulleted list options are available in the WYSIWYG, as well as a tightly spaced list option.

Highlight text in a paragraph



Make text stand out, a tip, warning, message box, or note.

Info, Lozenge, Message Box, Note, Tip, Warning

Use a background color for content layout and put the content in its own section. This creates a new row with a different color.

Or, add buttons and styled group of links as buttons.

Add a video to your page

MediaSpace Video

Three video platforms are supported.

Add a page banner to a page

Page Banner

Use the hero image or carousel content area.

Put content in a box with a stylized border, including a heading, paragraph


The UW Card Style allows you to add cards to a website page. 

Strikethrough text


Switch to source code and add “ <span style="text-decoration: line-through;"></span>” around the text

Add text to tabbed content

Tabs container and tabs page

Use the Tabbed content page element. See an example.

Macros that are not available in WiscWeb:

  • Progress Bar
  • Round Rectangle
  • Task list

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