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DoIT Shared Tools - Confluence Wiki - New User Self-Enrollment and Access

UW-Madison affiliated users with a NetID can self-enroll to create their account in the DoIT Wiki.
***A reminder of the discontinuation of Atlassian Jira and Confluence,DoIT Jira and Confluence Service Change - Timeline and Roles & Responsibilities, we will no longer be creating new Confluence spaces.

What happens in self-enrollment?

If a NetID user, who does not have an account in the Wiki, navigates to a Wiki page that requires an authenticated user or the user clicks on the "Log In" link they will be redirected to NetID authentication. Once they sign in with their NetID and password they will go to a form that requests their name and email address. After the form is completed, their account in the Wiki will be immediately created and they will be redirected to the originally requested Wiki page. The account will be added to the confluence-users group and to any UDDS groups as set by their employment unit.

How is this useful?

Much content in the Wiki is granted to authenticated users represented by confluence-users group. If a new user navigates to this content, their account will be created on the fly and they will be able to access the content immediately and seamlessly. In particular, pages that allow any campus user to comment will now be useful as commenters will not need to be set up in advance.

If you need to grant additional space or page permissions to a new user, ask the user to go to and click on the Log In link. Their account will be created and you can then grant them additional permissions under the "Space Tools" button in the lower left. 

Why was this done?

While not satisfying all user administration delegation requirements, this is an easy initial step that will enable more campus users to participate in DoIT projects exposed on the Wiki.

Who can self-enroll?

Only persons with an active UW-Madison NetID. Other users must be created via an email request to

Can I use a Manifest group?

Currently, there is no way to manifest groups to the wiki as per the vendor. The Shared Tools team could investigate a group sync script after we move to the cloud in Feb 2024, but we're confident that won't happen before we're in the cloud.

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