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Jira and Confluence Service Change Announcement

Posted: 2023-04-06 12:16:08   Expiration: 2025-01-31 12:16:08

The DoIT Shared Tools team is reaching out to all active Jira project and Confluence space owners regarding service changes. We will start communications in April 2023 and will contact the groups affected by this change.

Atlassian will no longer be supporting “server licensing/instances” of Confluence and Jira. Due to this licensing change and cost increase, the current DoIT instances of Jira and Confluence will be discontinued.

There are other groups on campus who own and license Atlassian products. This service change affects the users of and

What is changing?

The DoIT instances of Jira and Confluence will be discontinued on January 31, 2025. Jira project and Confluence space owners are encouraged to migrate to alternative services or to self-managed and licensed Atlassian products by December 15, 2024. 

What should you do as a user of Jira or Confluence?

Check-in with your Jira project and Confluence space owner. If the Shared Tools team has not contacted your team yet, email or complete an Atlassian Migration Request for Consult form.

Collaborate with the Shared Tools team

We can inform migration options and make transitions easier. We will review how to approach a migration, provide recommended alternatives, offer support, and share resources and how-to guides.

Learn more about the project and recommended next steps   

-- Shared Tools: Vanessa Taulbee