DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Service Description and Policies

UW DoIT JIRA is a central service supported by DoIT's Shared Tools Team using Atlassian's JIRA product. This product enables teams to track issues and resolution via various workflows. The service is currently offered to DoIT Teams and DoIT-related teams. JIRA is an extendable product that provides great flexibility in configuring projects for tracking issues.

Please contact the Jira Admins ( if you would like to demo and/ or get a feel of our "Default" project.

JIRA Support

Support for the JIRA is handled via the Shared Tools Help email

Due to staff time constraints, support for will focus on the configuration items that require admin level access, infrastructure maintenance, software updates and other fixes necessary for the security and usability of the service.

There is currently no support offered for assistance with workflows, filters, report creation or other configuration requests that can be handled by the delegated admins and/or project owners.

The Shared Tools team reserves the right to determine if the proposed use falls outside the intended scope of the JIRA Service and may ask the project leads to consider simplifying their requirements or consider using their own tracking system.

Atlassian offers a Cloud service as well as relatively affordable licensing for small numbers of users.

Standard Installation/Setup

The standard environment consists of default workflows, permissions, statuses, transitions, etc. which are defined, documented, and supported by DoIT. The defaults for these items were selected to provide the widest amount of support for the majority audience. This means that the default setup may not fit your needs.

User accounts are automatically created when you log in to using your NetID credentials. If your department has used UDDS user groups for permissions on projects, you may automatically have access to JIRA projects. Otherwise you will need to submit a request to be granted access to the specific projects.

Responsible Use and Data Policies

The DoIT JIRA is a general service, not intended to be highly secure. Users should not place restricted data or data subject to HIPAA on this service. Also, JIRA may not be suitable for other sensitive data.

Individuals using this service are required to:


Plug-in Policies

Plug-ins provide additional functionality to the base installation/features of JIRA. To find a variety of JIRA plug-ins, please visit: Adoption of JIRA plug-ins is not something that can happen without some considerable evaluation because plug-ins have the potential impact all aspects of JIRA. The Shared Tools team will use the following items to gauge adoption of plug-ins (order is not an indicator of priority):

  • user demand
  • cost
  • Atlassian community rating
  • number of downloads
  • if the plug-in is currently supported
  • if supported, what company/group supports that plug-in and what is their reputation
  • how frequently the plug-in is updated (more frequently is better than less)
  • the potential impact or side effects on aspects of the JIRA base install

JIRA Plugin Requests

For a list of plugins that have been requested by users, please see: DoIT JIRA Plugin Requests.


Periodically our service may be down during scheduled maintenance of the JIRA software, server operating system, or database server. During the maintenance times the service may be unavailable. We will make every attempt to provide notification as early as possible to when outage should be expected.



Updates will happen on a periodic basis. The newest version will never be deployed immediately after release. A comfortable "growing phase" between release and deploy to a testing server will be determined. This same policy applies to to plug-ins (see Plug-in Policies for more information).


Tuesdays Evening 10:00pm - Midnight


 Wednesday 5:00am - 7:00am


The maintenance window for the database server and the database software is Sunday mornings from 6-8am. In general maintenance is scheduled 4 times each year.


Service Data

The Shared Tools UW DoIT JIRA service utilizes DoIT's Bucky Backup service to protect data and recover it if needed. Server data is back up of the last 3 versions for 180 days.


Database backups are intended to be used to restore from media failures. Database backups will allow for the recovery of the entire database to a specific point in time. Database backups are retained for 30 days.

Policy Updates

We reserve the right to update our policies as needed. Please check these policies for any changes. We will send an email notification to JIRA Project Admins the Thursday after policies are updated.

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