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Product Overview

Amos is a software product supplied by IBM and part of SPSS Statistics.  For more information about Amos see: Amos Product Information.

Amos License Information

Amos licenses are annually renewable in January of each year. The first year you initially purchase a license is pro-rated based on the end date of the license. So for instance, if you purchase a license in May, the price would be adjusted to reflect your order date. Every year the product manager sends an email providing instructions on how to renew your license.

If you do not renew your license by the date specified for the Amos product you purchased or choose not to renew your license, you must: notify the product manager, uninstall the program from your computer, and destroy the installation media.

If you purchase a new license within 90 days of the end date for the license year, DoIT will charge you through the following year unless you request otherwise.

Purchasers and Renewal

When you purchase a license, you should decide on a financial and user contact. The financial contact will receive the annual renewal notices while the user contact receives the serial number, upgrade info, and any other Amos information throughout the year.

Both contacts should keep track of the sales order number which may be needed for reference at a later time. The order number is necessary for renewing your license(s).

If you do not specify who the contact should be, by default the person placing the order will become both the financial and user contact.

Start Up Fees

New licenses have a start up fee attached to them. It is a one time initial charge for each license purchased. The Start Up fee covers the initial cost of a license whereas the annual fee entitles you to upgrades and support from the vendor.

Media and Installation

Amos is available as a free download on MyWebSpace. When you purchase the license you'll receive an email from the product manager detailing where and how to download the software. You may use a single media set to install the program multiple times provided you have enough licenses. Media sets include instructions for installing the software.

To see what the system requirements are, go to: Amos System Requirements.

To see available items sold at the DoIT Tech Store, click on Amos Software.

Within one business day of purchasing a license, you will receive an email containing the authorization code needed to run the software.

Authorization and Activation

A serial number and authorization code are necessary to run Amos on your computer. After the product is installed it must be registered either online or over the phone with IBM. Instructions for how to register your product will be emailed to you by the product manager within one business day of purchase.

Home Use on Personal Computers (Non-University Owned)

Amos can not be used on a personally owned machine.  It is restricted to university owned machines only.  It can be used at home on a departmental computer for work purposes however.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this software for personal use?

Our Amos licensing for departments cannot be used personally, so if you use departmental funding to pay for an Amos license you cannot use the program for non-work related purposes. You may however purchase Amos with your own funds. To find out more information or to purchase see Amos for Personal Purchase.

What forms of payment do you accept?

UW departments can pay with DoIT Numbers (see for more info) or procurement cards. You can purchase the software either in person at 1210 W Dayton St., via email at or over the phone 608-262-7253.
Personal customers may pay with cash, check, or charge.

What happens when a newer version of Amos comes out? Are the upgrades free?

DoIT receives upgrades when they become available. If you have a current license you are entitled to these upgrades. DoIT announces the availability of upgrades when the media is ready to distribute. Always keep your order number(s) on file for reference in case proof of license is required.

Who do I contact if I have problems installing and running the program?

If you have problems you should contact the product manager at:

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