5055 Vilas Hall (Nafziger Room) AV

There are two options for connecting to AV in the Nafziger Room.

Tap the touch screen between the two TVs to wake it.

Wired Connection

Dongle The USB-C adapter can be used with Mac or Windows devices. The cables are labeled in the image to the left.
Connect the USB-C adapter in the podium to your device. You must select “Wall Plate 2” for this option. screen image

This will connect the displays, as well as the speakers, microphones, and camera in the back of the room. This option is the only way to use the camera and microphones with applications like Zoom or Teams. After plugging in the USB-C cable you will likely need to wait up to 20 seconds for the displays and other hardware to initialize. Select the proper input/output devices within the meeting software on your laptop for them to work.

  • Camera: AV Bridge
  • Microphone: AV Bridge
  • Speaker: Crestron 420
Camera Mic

Wireless Connection

screen image

The wireless option will give you audio and video from your device to the screens. Select Solstice Wireless on the touch panel. The wireless device is no longer Solstice, but panel has not been updated yet. You do not need the Solstice software.

You can still use the camera and ceiling microphone with the wireless connection. Be sure to plug in the USB connection and select AV Bridge as described above.

Follow the directions in the Vilas Hall Wireless AV KB.

To use the camera and microphone plug the USB cable in to your device and select AV Bridge in your software.

Logitech Meetup Camera

There is also a Logitech Meetup camera under one of the TVs. This should only be used for smaller huddle meetings. The USB cable for this camera is wound up under the camera, along with an included USB-C adapter. If using this camera connect it directly to your laptop with this cable. You will still need to connect the USB-C cable from the podium to use the TVs, microphones, and speakers.

  • Camera: Logitech Meetup
  • Microphone: Logitech Meetup
  • Speaker: Logitech Meetup

Advanced Camera Use

screen image When Wall Plate 2 is selected you can tap the Autotracking button to enable/disable the feature. With Autotracking off you can use the control buttons to manually move the camera to remain on a specific subject.


If you have no audio from your computer to the room speakers make sure you have selected the correct output on your device. On your Mac click the Control Center icon, then Sound, and finally select the correct output device (Crestron 420 for room speakers). See video below demonstrating that.

If you are plugged in to one of the displays and all you see is a desktop background you need to turn on mirroring. Select System Preferences -> Displays. Control+click on the larger screen and select Mirror for Built-in Display. See video below demonstrating that.

Finally, just reboot. This solves 99% of problems.

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